Teatre en Anglès

Dimecres, 15 de novembre de 2017

Last Tuesday the theatre company, The Tale Teller, came to visit us for the third year in a row, and put on three shows for the students from 1st to 6th of primary.

Before the shows, we practised the vocabulary they would need and learnt the song the Tale Teller had sent us.

The girls and boys from cicle inicial really enjoyed the show The Wolf and the Seven Goats, while cicle mitjà laughed a lot at the play Lazy Jack. The pupils from cicle superior sang and danced along to Dorothy’s Dance Camp.

After the shows, the actor let us ask him questions about himself, we wanted to know what his favourite colour was, if his job was difficult, and, most importantly, if he was a football fan.

It was a fun morning and everybody had a good time participating while practising their English. We are able to sing, dance and act a bit crazy for a while...we hope they come back next year!

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